Three Things to Consider Before Getting Lip Fillers

We get it, everyone wants perfect Kylie Jenner or Kim K lips and it seems so easy and affordable to have a couple of quick injections to get the look nowadays but is it really that simple?

Lip fillers is a relatively speedy and straight forward aesthetic treatment but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t pose it’s own risks and come with a few things to consider before getting it done!

So, if you’re thinking about taking the plunge and getting a fresh set of lips, here’s three things we recommend everyone thinks about first:

Your Age

If you’re under 18 then you’re about to be disappointed because here at Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics, we do not complete dermal fillers, including lips for anyone under the age of 18 and nor should any reputable clinic!

That isn’t the only reason to consider your age with lip fillers though because before you have them done, it’s important to know that the younger you are, the quicker your body will break filler down and therefore reduce the appearance of the filler you’ve had.

Overtime, your filler will build up and the results will be longer term but if you’re young then lip fillers could become a pricey habit to keep up with to start with, so take that into consideration!

Your Natural Lip Shape and Size

Managing your expectations before getting your lips done is essential to making sure you want them doing.

It is very easy to see celebrities online with their perfectly done lips but their natural lip size and shape may have differed to yours before they had treatments done, hence their results look like they do – everyone is different and therefore, you should never get lip fillers based on someone you have seen online!

Becky, our fully qualified, medically trained, lip expert, will always do her best to achieve your dream look but working with your natural size and shape will always come first!

Choosing the Right Place and Product

Cheap prices can be very appealing but if you’re paying a low price for lip fillers, you’re likely to be treated with a cheap and in turn, low quality product.

The cost-price of fillers, bought by your practitioner, do vary and that is down to the ingredients, quality and results. Just because you find a cheap price for your fillers, doesn’t mean it is a good deal if the quality of the product is poor, so do your research!

We offer a range of different lip fillers from different brands, all priced at different points for 0.5ml and 1ml and we can help you choose the right product for you, depending on your age and desired result!

It is also essential you choose a licensed and insured clinic with professional, qualified staff working there, ideally medically trained staff, such as ourselves here at Cupid’s Bow.

So, still fancy lip fillers? Think they’re right for you? Contact us today to discuss your brand new lips!

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