What to Expect When Getting Your Lips Done

A lot of people put off getting lip fillers as they’re unsure what to expect when getting them done and afterwards, so we wanted to let you know the key things to know about getting your lips done to hopefully put your mind at ease but also educate you on the reality of dermal fillers!

  1. They Will Be Numbed But It May Hurt

A lot of people are hesitant about getting lip fillers because of the pain and as professionals in the field, there is no point in us lying about whether it hurts or not – put it this way, you’ll feel it.

At Cupid’s Bow, we use a medical-strength numbing cream around 20-minutes before your treatment to numb your lips and the surrounding skin but there will still be slight sensation in the lips and you will feel the injections.

The injections are quick and efficient when completed by our in-house ‘lip lady’, Becky, but they go quite deep into the surface of the lip to achieve a natural look and avoid surface distortion (lumps), so they’re noticeable.

Some people describe it as slightly eye-watering while others say it makes your toes curl but it is rarely described as ‘too bad to bare’, so do not put off getting lip fillers because of 10-minutes of clenching your muscles.

2. They Will Swell and May Bruise

There’s no hiding the fact and any good aesthetics practitioner will tell you this from the start, your lips will swell and they may bruise.

The aim is for your lips to become more voluptuous when you have the filler but before they settle in their final size, they will swell bigger. Swelling is usually noticeable within the first few hours of the injections and will continue to be swollen for the first 24-48 hours.

Swell is normal, as is a little bruising at the injection points, for weeks after the treatment, however for many people, this lasts only a few days.

3. Your Filler Will Naturally Dissolve

We hate to break it to you because we know how much you’ll love your lips a few days and weeks after having the filler put in but the filler will dissolve and the volume will decrease.

Lip fillers are an investment and an ongoing one at that. If you want to maintain a fuller lip look, you will have to continue having 0.5-1ml of filler every few months or however often you see fit.

The first few times you have filler done, it will dissolve within a few weeks/couple of months, particularly if you are younger but the more you have filler, the more your body will become used to it and stop trying to break it down.

After a few treatments, your filler will dissolve less and less and the shape and fullness will start to last longer and longer.

So, they’re some questions answered about lip fillers and an insight into what to expect whilst and after getting your lips done but hopefully, you’re still keen to try the treatment for yourself.

We offer a range of different lip fillers at Cupid’s Bow which can be viewed on our price list and we offer free consultations for all of our customers before having their treatments done, so get in touch today to find out more!

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