Why Your Aesthetics Practitioner Should Be a Nurse

Unfortunately, we’ve reached a stage in the industry where not everyone offering treatments is knowledgeable and qualified to do so – particularly in the aesthetics sector.

Whether you’re medically trained, beauty trained or either, anyone can google ‘dermal filler training’ and book on to a course to learn the trade but just because someone has a certificate that says they’re capable, doesn’t mean they’re the safest person to let near your face.

Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics is run by Rebecca Cannon and Becky King, two qualified nurses with years of experience working for the NHS. Our years of medical training and knowledge means we have a whole new level of expertise when it comes to providing aesthetic treatments.

Highly skilled in using needles as a medium to inject a foreign substance into the body, we have vast knowledge on the anatomy of the body and skin which when combined with our familiarity of using needles allows us to apply dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections in the best possible way.

Injecting any substance in to the face poses risks, even when a medically trained practitioner is in charge but the possible risks of having dermal fillers are undoubtedly increased when a less experienced practitioner is behind the needle.

The face is full of veins and arteries, all of which need to remain untouched when filler is injected which can be hugely difficult for practitioners less familiar with the anatomy of the face. After years in medicine, we both understand the structure of the face and where it is and isn’t safe to apply filler.

Another reason to choose a medically-trained aesthetics practitioner is that sometimes, on rare occasions, people do react badly to fillers. Adverse and allergic reactions do happen and although all practitioners should be qualified to deal with this, a medically trained individually is far more experienced in handling these situations and can improve the chances of minimising ill-effects and lasting damage.

You wouldn’t let someone who wasn’t medically trained do your blood tests, so why would you let someone who isn’t medically qualified inject a needle into your face?

Book with the best today – Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics.

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