Introducing Profhilo

Here at Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics, we’re constantly trying to keep up to speed with the latest treatments, so the newest addition to our services menu is Profhilo but what is this brand new kind of filler?

Said to be taking over from Botox in the USA, Profhilo is a new to the market injectable Hyaluronic Acid which is available now at Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics for the face, neck and hands.

Profhilo is a BDDE-free injectable that is one of the highest quality and most effective to ever be used. Said to last up to 28 days in the skin, this means the results of Profhilo are more prominent and long lasting and therefore more cost effective in comparison to other fillers.

Profhilo is said to be an innovative form of filler, being composed in a unique way with 64 mg of Hyaluronic Acid and a one of a kind injection technique that touch just 5 points of entry for additional comfort, there’s many differences about Profhilo that make it desirable above other brands and types of filler.

Not only is Profhilo a cost effective and visibly great choice, it is also a great option in terms of safety as the high purity level and absence of additives mean it is one of the cleanest and safest injectables on the market at the moment, reducing the chances of adverse side effects after use.

So, will you be trying this new kind of filler? Profhilo is available now at Cupid’s Bow Aesthetics for the face, neck and hands, costing £250.00 per area. As always, we are fully trained in the application of this product and as qualified and practising nurses, you can trust that you’re in safe hands with us.

Book in for your Profhilo treatments today!

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